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About Us


Magya consists of exceptional people

The company consists of professionals associated with television production. Our years of experience and expertise in the job, allow us to provide our clients with new ideas and innovative solutions in our daily work.

We are courageous

We take bold, courageous and quick decisions. We are not afraid to bring to life innovative and unique ideas, thereby fulfilling our client’s production plans. We do everything so that their needs and expectations are surpassed.

We are up to date with current events and we operate not only on the news segment, but we also create, plan, organize and execute events, conferences and interviews.


MagYa does not operate trite

The driving force behind our actions is the originality and uniqueness combined with professionalism in terms of selection of equipment but especially with the people with whom we work.


Experienced team

Each team member has at least 10 years of experience working in the media (a few members have over 25 years of experience). The experience ranges from production of live news, live broadcast and latest television technology.


We are not afraid of fear

We do not create the walls and limitations because they do not exist.