About us


Magya consists of exceptional people

The company consists of professionals associated with television production. Our years of experience and expertise in the job, allow us to provide our clients with new ideas and innovative solutions in our daily work.

We are courageous

We take bold, courageous and quick decisions. We are not afraid to bring to life innovative and unique ideas, thereby fulfilling our client’s production plans. We do everything so that their needs and expectations are surpassed.


We are up to date with current events and we operate not only on the news segment,
but we also create, plan, organize and execute events, conferences and interviews.


MagYa does not operate trite

The driving force behind our actions is the originality and uniqueness combined with professionalism in terms of selection of equipment but especially with the people with whom we work.


Experienced team

Each team member has at least 10 years of experience working in the media. The experience ranges from production of live news, live broadcast and latest television technology.


We are not afraid of fear

We do not create the walls and limitations because they do not exist.


Live Broadcast and footage

We carry live broadcasts from anywhere in Poland, Western and Eastern Europe.

  • Live stand-up positions, playouts, realization of events, recordings, concerts or corporate events – all our specialties.
  • Comprehensive service in the organization of production and in production management.
  • This experienced team will ensure the success of the project.
  • We all have experience in the news live, as well as major events.
You have complete freedom to exploit our potential.
  • From planning to implementation

    • We organize live stand up positions with the selection of the locations.
      Our role does not begin or end with the delivery of the SNG truck.
    • Our cameramen have the complete equipment – camera, lights, callback and microphones.
      To carry out the transmissions, we can use our own satellite transponder our client’s.
    • We handle all necessary accreditations and licenses. We find and organize the live location.
      Your journalist or guest need only come to the place of action. Our SNG vans can simultaneously perform three separate live broadcasts.
    • Your technology is different than in Europe? We will adjust the transmission or recording format to your technical requirements.
      We can work in 4:3, 16:9, SD, HD, PAL and NTSC.
  • We plan, organize and execute

    Conferences, interviews or events

    If you are interested in meeting of the presidents, demonstration or trial of global significance - we can record a video for you and send ftp or playout.

    Videos can be sent with a translation in any language or sound natural.

    • You will receive support from both the production manager and broadcast producer, sound and the rest of the team. Each member of the team speaks English.
    • Both in the case of live stand-up position and in any event, we offer a professional make-up artist and translator to the language of your choice
    • At your request we can carry out the written, photographic or video documentation.
  • There is no national boundaries

    If you need to do the job in Poland or abroad: Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, or any other country.
    We have ENG crews in these countries

    We can be there for you.


    • Polish is one of the toughest in the world, so we offer our assistance upon arrival and stay in Poland
    • We organize visits of guests and your team: flights, accommodation, permits, accreditation.