The Team

Our team is a group of true professionals who have been working together for a long time. Each one of us has many years of experience working in the media.
We have experience working in television stations, radio stations and newspapers. The core of MAGYA are:

Yaro Gawłowski
Yaro Gawłowski
Vision mixer, producer, director
He is considered lucky, combining work with the pleasure of doing it, with the additional, endless possibility of expanding his competences.
MagYa Founder.
Piotr Maczuga
Piotr Maczuga
He specializes in live broadcasts and interactive event formats. Additionally, he writes, records, trains and acts in public as an ambassador of new technologies in education.
  • Cameramen;
  • Light masters;
  • Presenters, journalists and program host;
  • Audio engineers;
  • Vision mixers;
  • Broadcast and stream technician;
  • Studio and DSNG engineers;
  • Production managers;
  • Shooting set managers;
  • Documentary filmmakers and fixers;
  • Video Editors;
  • Make-up;
Each team member has at least 10 years of experience working in the media, including work on professional film sets.

Our favorite game. We destroy rocks!